Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopping Finds

Just like everyone else, I have been shopping for school supplies. I enjoy shopping for school supplies for the new school year.

Last week I ventured to Lakeshore with my friend, who is also a teacher. Since I'm changing from 3rd grade to 1st grade, I am in need of some new materials. I also had a gift card from my recent birthday that I was so ready to spend especially since their sale just began.

I found this Fractions and Decimals Chart on their sale rack. The price was good and it will be good to help students learn and understand the order of fractions. That was hard for my third graders to understand last year.

Another item that I found was a Science True or False Center. This would be a great activity to use even with first graders. There is a question such as Volcanoes make the Hawaiian Islands. This will lead to a short discussion. It comes with True and False cards so the kids can indicate their vote.

This is only my second post and I'm not sure exactly how to insert pictures. I'll do a little figuring out before I write more since the pictures aren't appearing where I want them.

On the next post I'll tell about some of my finds at Dollar Tree Store and Target.



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