Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to Blogging

Boy, it sure has been a long time since I have added a post.  This is the first one for this school year.  

The year started off full force ahead.  

This year I have a great group of 29 first graders.  This group does very well following the rules and working when they are supposed to.  It is such a change!  

Here's a few pictures of the room:

 The new alphabet letters from Queen of the First Grade Jungle.
I really like them with the purple background!

 I used Kim Adsit's Reading Workshop unit.  These mentor
charts were great to help the kids learn about reading.

 Number Corner is our Calendar Math.  I updated it a little this year by making a title, making days of the week with turquoise background.  I like it better than the white ones.  My calendar and carpet were moved to the front of the room which really opened the room up.  So, part of the white board is used for Number Corner.

Here is my Clip Chart.  Because of how I arranged the carpet at the front of the room, I don't have a place to put the Clip Chart hanging down.  It's too heavy for the white board with magnets on the back and clips.  So, I came up with a different idea.  I found these round circles with numbers this summer on a blog and love them.  I reduced the size some and  put magnets behind them.  Now, they are used and we can slide the numbers up or down.  I like this change.

       Friday, I worked at a movie night at school.  On my way home, I started noticing a sore throat.  Then, a fever began.  I was wondering if I had strep throat again.  I could hardly swallow and had a constant fever all weekend.  Yes, I do have strep.  I had it near the end of July.  The doctor said the opening to my throat is very small.  I believe it!  It is so painful.  I'm slowly improving.  I'm not very understandable when I talk, though.  I can't go back to work until I can talk normally and people can understand me.  

     I know that I got sick because of the stress that I'm under plus I work with first graders now.  This is the fourth time that I've been sick in the past year.  

I hope to return to work on Monday, but it does depend on how I feel and if I can talk where others can understand me.  I'm not there yet.  

Friday is our Statewide Teacher Inservice Day.  Our district is taking it as a Furlough Day.  So, I have 3 days to get better.  Tuesday we get to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Hopefully, all the permission slips have returned.  I sure hope I get to go to the field trip.

I had so much more to share telling about specific things we are learning.  I'll save that for another day . . . maybe tomorrow.

I've noticed I sure have lots of people reading this blog but a small number of followers.  If you have ever thought of becoming one of my followers, I sure would appreciate it.  I will try to write more often and have more freebies.

Happy Friday Eve!