Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shopping Finds

I finally have made it out to do some shopping for school.  While spending time in Portland at my dad's, we went out shopping.  There are so many more places to shop at in Portland than in Salem.  Dad had his birthday on Sunday and received some shorts from his brother that were too big.  We went out to exchange them.  I mentioned to him that I need to go to Kohl's while there.  On the way home, he said we could stop.  It's so different shopping with Dad compared to Mom.  I didn't want to ask him to stop, but I'm glad he suggested it.  I wanted to check out the Skippy Jon Jones books that I've seen other teachers talk about.

We went to Kohl's and found them right by the door.  It was the only stuffed animal there.  I bought 3 books.  I've never read these, but when I taught 3rd grade the kids used to tell me all about the book.  When I got home, I read the first book.  It was quite good and funny.  I think the kids will really like these in our classroom library.  I really like the stuffed animal!

Later on Tuesday evening, I drove to Target.  I was still trying to find Dr. Seuss pencils.  I could only find one package at the Salem store.  I couldn't find the pretty colored ones that I found, but they had plenty of The Lorax pencils, so I bought those.  I want to make sure I have them for Dr. Seuss Day.

I also found the plastic colored bins that I used on the table last year.  I decided to replace them.  The kids often dropped them and they would crack.  I debated about buying them at Really Good Stuff, but I didn't want to pay more.  While I was there, I began talking to a teacher who was looking at the same thing.  We talked and found out we were both first grade teachers.  As we were talking, we discovered that we both teach in Salem.  How is it that we were both over an hour away from home, shopping at Target, and we come from the same school district.  This teacher is a bilingual teacher, but she offered to give me some help.  She gave me her name and told me to e-mail her when I get to school.  She said that she and her partner, who now has been transferred, would be glad to help me on the planning.  She also suggested that I read The First Grade Parade.  I told her that I already do.  I hope she can give me some help.  

While I was in the car, I felt cold.  Before I left, I felt that I was getting a sore throat.  Well, late that night I checked my temperature and I had a fever.  I have been sick all week.  I've had a fever every day.  So far, today I don't have one.  I hope it stays that way.  The sore throat has been bad, I've even done some vomiting.  It seems when I get up to go to bed or get up in the morning to go to the living room, if the fever is high enough it causes me to be dizzy then vomit.  It has scared my cats that they are keeping their distance.  I called the doctor on Thursday and went in for a throat culture to see if I have strep or a virus.  I was so surprised to find out that I have strep!  Who gets sick in the summer?  I haven't even been around anyone lately except the whole family on last Sunday and no one was sick.  This has been a bummer but I'm so glad that I am at Dad's.  I've kept him busy making me soup, getting me juice, running to the store, and washing my clothes.  Hopefully, I'll be better in a few days.  I'll probably stay here until I'm sure I'm feeling fine.  I had planned to get together with friends while here.  I do have plans with one on Tuesday.  Hopefully, I will feel well enough by then. Saturday was my first day without the fever.  Today I'm starting to see a slight change in my throat.  This has been one awful summer experience!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Freebie

Happy Saturday!  It's so nice that the weekends and the weekdays are relaxing days.  I need days like these after the stressful year that I had.

I spent a week and a half visiting my dad in Portland.  It was nice to not just go for a quick weekend.  While I was there, we celebrated the 4th of July.  The following day was spent celebrating my birthday.  Dad and I went on a drive to Multnomah Falls.  It is about a 30 minute drive from his house.  It was a very busy place on that day.  I think it was because we finally had summer weather and people were still vacationing from the 4th.

The bridge was built in 1915 and the lodge in 1925.  The lodge is on the National Historic Register.  My grandparents, who lived in Washington state, were at Multnomah Falls on their honeymoon in 1930.  The falls is about 625 feet high, the second largest in the U.S.

My cats, Charlie and Chloe, travel with me to Portland.  They hate the car ride, but love hanging out at Dad's house.  Chloe loves running up and down the basement stairs.  There is so much more to do and see.  They don't sleep as much, but they eat more!  Here's a couple pictures of them being lazy.

Chloe loved to jump in Grandpa's leather chair when he went off to bed.

What a life Charlie had!  No wonder he wasn't happy to have to leave and go home!

I do want to offer the Writer's Checklist as my first freebie.  I've been reading and watching videos from Ladybug's Teacher Files .  They have been very helpful, but I'm still trying to figure some things out.  (This is the first time I've put on a link.  I hope it works!)

Here is my first freebie to those of you who want it.  I know one person did request this.  I did remake it and put it in Power Point as Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files suggested.  I've never used Power Point before, but I did figure things out.  I did order a book from Amazon that I hope will help me.

Here is the Writer's Checklist.  I hope you can use this with your students.  I did number the cards.  However, I thought some of you might not want them numbered, so there is a set without numbers at the end of the packet.  You can download it here.  I'm crossing my fingers that this will work.

Well, it's past 1:00 a.m. and I better head to bed.  Have a great Saturday!