Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Shopping

I've been hanging out at my dad's house for the past 3 weeks. At the end of the school year on June 1st, I was rear-ended. This was the same day that I was told by my principal that I was being transferred to another school. I went home after school and planned on returning since I was having a substitute the next day. I needed to get my lessons all ready. It happened on my way back and I never made it to school. It was a good thing that I had the day off, but I spent all day trying to get a rental car. Finally, on July 17th I received the insurance money for my car. It was totalled and I had to replace my car. On Wednesday I bought a used car, a 1999 Toyota Avalon. It seems like it will be a nice car.

I've been doing a lot of school shopping while I've been in Portland. I emptied the rental car and filled the trunk of the new car. I have found lots of good buys over the summer or just things I need like a binder and composition books for each student.

I should be going home in a couple of days. First, we celebrated Dad's birthday last night and I am hosting an (acrylic) stamping party at Dad's house. One of my ways I like to be crafty. I never would have thought that this process after a car accident would have taken so long. I'm glad that I've ended up with a nice car.


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