Monday, August 20, 2012

Final Week of Summer Vacation

I've returned from my short trip to the Seattle, Washington area.  I was visiting my cousin and her family who live about 40 minutes from Seattle.  We took a ferry ride to Seattle and spent some time at Pike Street Market.  It was one of the hottest days all year and very hard to be walking around town!  It was fun, though.  I hadn't been that way in several years.  We drove through the city my grandparents lived and saw the house.  This is where my mom grew up and I spent many years visiting twice a year.  We also went to a Barnum & Bailey circus.  That was fun!  I haven't been to a circus in many, many years.  It was a fun-filled 3 days.


I'm at my dad's house in Portland for a few days.  I'm getting together with a friend to make the teacher's toolbox.  I'm looking forward to that.  On Thursday, Dad and I are going to the beach just for the day.  I always love going to the beach and it will be a good way to end my summer vacation.

I can't print anything until I get home which is driving me nuts, but I am working on many projects.  Last night I worked on my welcome door.  I'm not much of a theme girl because I like too many different things and don't want to spend money on all new things every year, but I am going to use some cupcakes in my decorations.  I used some clipart to make cupcakes with the students names on them.  Here is a sample:

I put in some sample names to see how it would look.  I don't know who is in my class or how 
many students are in my class.  My first official day at work is next Tuesday.  I'm just not ready to return, so I may not go back until then.  I might possibly go in for one day on the weekend.  I'm not sure yet.  I may use Pete the Cat in some decorating since my class last year just loved him and I'll be reading his books and doing a variety of activities with them beginning on the second week of school.  I'll be working on that soon plus using activities that I have bought on TpT.

I'm off to Michael's!  I need some colored cardstock and some scrapbooking paper since I didn't bring it with me.  I should have a picture of my toolbox once it's done!


Miss Foote said...

My dad and I often go to Seattle, since Portland is baseball-less:-) Happy Vacationing.

Chickadee Jubilee

Diane said...


I went to a Mariners game back in high school. My dad is a big fan and watches the games on t.v. all of the time. We used to go to Seattle a lot since we have relatives in Seattle and in surrounding cities. It was nice to be back there again!


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