Thursday, March 29, 2012

Snow Day and Spring Break Is Here!

     Well, it's been a long time since I've written on here.  It's been a busy and difficult year for me, but I made it to Spring Break.  We had snow last week.  That is unusual to have snow in March in Oregon.  Wednesday we had a 2-hour delay.  This was to be our first of two 12 hour days for conferences.  I taught all day and then had evening conferences.  It rained during the day, but during our conference evening it was snowing.  There was lots of snow on the ground when I went home and I did a little slipping in the road.  Thursday was a 12-hour conference day.  Conferences were cancelled because of the snow.  What happens now with those conferences?  We only meet in the spring with the ones we feel need it.  I need some parents to know about their child's behavior (I have too many out of the 31 kids who play and talk rather than listening and learning) or that they are low in reading.  

     I have two students each week who are the V.I.P. for the class.  They take home a bag with a stuffed Pete the Cat, his book, and a binder that explains everything and where the student will write about their time.  Thanks to Erica Bohrer and others for the idea.  One boy came to school on Wednesday, our late-start day, and Pete the Cat was wearing a knitted sweater.  Everyone got a kick out of this!  He said that his mom put it on him.  I meant to take a picture but didn't get to it during our busy day.  Hopefully, he'll bring one after Spring Break.

     I am on Spring Break!  Yeah!  I so much need this break!  
This Spring Break is going by way too quickly.  I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday!  I spent a few days cleaning at home and one day at school.  I visited a friend who had a baby a few months ago and we taught together.   I drove yesterday to spend the rest of the Break in Portland where I grew up.  I'm staying at my dad's house.  Today I saw a friend, who is a teacher.  We went to a movie and had a long lunch together.  It was fun!  I may contact another friend or two in Portland before I return.  I need another week off!

Everyone -- Have a great Friday or as an assistant at my previous school used to say, "Happy Friday Eve!"



Miss Foote said...

That is so frustrating! When I first started teaching my principal made us turn in a week's worth of plans at the beginning of each month. They had to be super detailed, include objectives, content goals....they would end up being at least 12 pages long (typed)! Enjoy your last few days...I don't know where mine went either. I will send good thoughts your way!

Chickadee Jubilee glad to have found a fellow Oregon blogger!

Diane said...

Thank you for your comment. It is very frustrating especially since everyone isn't being treated this way. Just the two of us that were transferred. It's not easy switching grades and schools and this has made it so hard. The principal doesn't even look at the other teachers' plans. I looked at another 1st grade teacher's plans and she uses a 2 page plan book and writes in pencil. I can't imagine doing 12 pages. That's probably what my principal wants. I heard of a teacher in the district that is writing 22 pages for her principal. The principal doesn't understand when I tell her that it takes most of my weekend to write them up.

I've spent the past two evenings reworking my schedule. I'm going to move Math to the morning and put all of reading in the afternoon. I need a longer guided reading time so that I can meet with more groups to get their reading levels up. I hope this new schedule works and my principal doesn't question it.

It has been fun finding another Oregon blogger, too. I'm sorry I'm not very good at this. I'm just learning and my tough year hasn't helped. I'm not sure how to attach things other than pictures yet. It looks like you teach very close to where I grew up and where I come to visit all of the time (like right now).

Thanks for your good thoughts. I'm praying that things do improve and that I will get to go to a better school next year and teach 3rd grade or higher.

Enjoy the rest of your break!


vicky1970 said...

Hi Diane - I'm so sorry you are going through this. I have taught for 18 years and always had a great repoire with my principals until recently. It's frustrating to not feel appreciated. Hang in there. BTW I'm your newest follower. Enjoy your break and try not to think about school. ( HUGS)
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Diane said...

Vicky - Thanks for your nice note. It sounds like you are going through a similar experience. I'm sorry you are experiencing this, too. It seems in my district that the teachers who were transferred and are going through this are ones who have been teaching for quite a few years. I'm hoping I can make it through all of this.

I did enjoy my Spring Break, although, I did need to do hours of work on the lesson plans. I went back to my parents' home in Portland and visited family and friends. I just made it through the first week back. It seemed very long!

Thanks for becoming a follower. I don't have very many! You are my tenth follower!


Heather's Heart said...


I am so sorry you are going through this. I hate when anyone sets obstacles in the way of any teacher. Our jobs are already difficult...we need to be helping each other not trying to drown them!

I had a little pin I made with alphabet beads that I put on my lanyard...very small...with the letters QTC. That stands for Quit The Cr**. Only a few teachers know what it means. =)

We have similar things at my school with different expectations for everyone. I am one of the lucky ones who gets left alone.

I have been teaching 1st for a long time and would love to help you anyway I can. If you need some *freebies* I have tons. =)

I am new follower number 11! =)

Come read some of my inspirational poems I share I think you need a little uplifting and to know that despite what your principal is saying and doing YOU are touching the hearts of all of your little ones.

Come visit! =)

Email me if you need more help!

Bloggy blessings and hugs,

Heather's Heart

Diane said...


Thanks for your kind words. This has been a very difficult year. I'm ready for it to be over, but I have about 2 months left. The scary thing is that this brand-new principal can end my career as a teacher. I have always loved teaching. It is hard to love it this year.

I now realized that I was transferred and put in first grade so that I would fail. The only time I had an issue was 2 years ago. My principal was giving problems to lots of teachers. She likes the young ones. She got a job as a director of elementary ed. Even though she wasn't my principal last year, which was a great year for me, it appears that she has orchestrated what's happening to me. She is my principal's boss and they meet regularly.

I will check out your blog tomorrow. I am home sick and should have some time to check it out between sleeping. I did check it briefly a couple of days ago when I saw I had a new follower. Thanks for following my blog! I will join yours, too. Thanks for your offer to help. I read these blogs and buy items from TpT so that I can get ideas. It sure has helped me, but I have to be careful what I do since my principal is so critical of what I do.

I haven't had new followers in a long time. You are the second one in the past two weeks! I guess I better write on here more often.

Thanks for being there to help me!


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